Global Mass Spectrometry Service GCMS Service, LCMS Service

KRSS Europe B.V. is part of the KRSS Group - the largest independent mass spectrometer and chromatography sales & service organisation in UK/Europe and Asia. Our expertise in the LCMS Service, GCMS Service, HPLC Service, GC Service and MS equipment has allowed us to lead the way in developing customer focussed support packages. KRSS customises each contract to meet the needs of the individual customer. We put together service packages which maximise the benefit to our customers, whilst giving due consideration to costs.

KRSS support all major Mass Spectrometer and Chromatography manufacturers instruments including:

Some of the features of a KRSS mass spectrometry service contract include:
  • Genuine replacement parts that save money compared with manufacturer list prices
  • Regionally based engineers to for rapid response
  • Electronic Engineers Reports
  • 72 hour standard response
  • Flexible pre-planned maintenance visits throughout the year - scheduled at the customers’ request
  • Multiple manufacturers’ equipment covered
  • Preferential breakdown and travel/labour rates
  • Various electromechanical cover including power board assemblies support
  • Fully inclusive options, where consumables/electromechanical support can be included as part of a package
  • Flexible payment plans to suit all budgets
  • ’Back to Bench’ support - our fully equipped workshop is available for all equipment needing this support
  • Fully compliant OQ/PV packages - KRSS Ltd is an ISO9001 accredited company
  • All qualification tests carried out by KRSS are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Online System Solutions software that tracks the history and management of all KRSS Service Contracts - software keeps a complete log of every service visit, breakdown and all work carried out on a customers’ system
  • Secure access to data via KRSS website. We provide our customers with secure access to their call/instrument history via a protected password. Features of this service include review incident notes, consumables fitted, track instrument history, log new calls to KRSS directly.
  • Training - KRSS can offer various levels of training to our contract customers at preferential rates. From basic chromatography trouble-shooting to advanced analytical techniques.

Please contact the KRSS team to experience a fresh way of having total peace of mind when selecting a Service Contract for your equipment.

Why settle for either Silver, Gold or Platinum when you could have all three?

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