The Young In VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) analyzer is optimized to analyze VOCs in aqueous samples and is capable of accurately determine trace levels of VOCs (ppt level by P&T or SPME Arrow) utilising the YL6500 GC coupled with a Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS).

Volatile organic compounds have a low boiling point, are present in everyday life such as in the surrounding air and in the environmental water and land.

There are about 300 VOCs known, approx. 70 of these are easily dissolved in an aqueous sample such as drinking water and can have a detrimental long-term influence on human health. This is why there are several methods available for analyzing VOCs according to different regulations.

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  • Various sample introduction methods available (Static Headspace, Headspace SPME, Purge & Trap Concentrator) depending on the sample concentration, budget or preference.
  • Sample preparation method support available
  • Simple and powerful analysis method setup using Clarity Chromatography Station
  • Customized application support including columns and consumables recommendation and supply
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Low maintenance cost and long term stability






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