The YL9100S HPLC system can be configured with a fraction collector to create a Semi-Preparative HPLC System for the isolation and purification of valuable samples for pharmacology, materials research, and analysis of natural compounds, with the superior efficiency only found in Young In instruments.

Using the Clarity chromatography data system, it’s easy to control the settings for different compounds and ranges, such as changing from μL to mL scales using the system configurator. Collect the separated components by compounds, time, etc and monitor them through software. Users can also control the amount of separated
compounds depending on the analysis condition to get a more accurate fraction collection.

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  • Precise and accurate flow rate up to 50 ml/min
  • Fully controlled by YL-Clarity to maximize user convenience and collect samples depending on variable parameters such as peaks, time and compounds.
  • Easy to control the capacity of sample collection from ul to ml.




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