Every scientist goal is to analyze target compounds, quickly and reliably within a given time and budget. The ChroZen UHPLC System satisfies both productivity and efficiency by producing the results 4-10 times faster than conventional HPLC’s while ensuring both superior sensitivity and resolution.

The Chozen UPLC System is designed to withstand real ultra-high pressure up to 18,800 psi (1,300 bar). The powerful pump technology provides an accurate and precise flow rate by applying the concept of linear drive technology into two pairs of serially coupled pump heads, this results in the end-user being able to fully utilize the UHPLC columns and have reliable data.

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Higher Productivity
  • 4-10 times faster than traditional HPLC

Greater Efficiency

  • Low flow rates injection minimizing solvent and sample usage

Remarkable Resolution & Sensitivity

  • Total Reflection Cell with Liquid Core Waveguide Technology enhancing resolution
  • Reduced system dead volume giving improved sensitivity

  • Automatic compressibility compensation providing accurate control for more stable gradients

Maximize UHPLC Columns
  • Ultra-high pressure, up to 18,800 psi, utilizes the lifetime of UHPLC column

Resolution & Sensitivity

One of the primary concepts of UHPLC for enhanced resolution, is to enable the use of UHPLC columns packed with small particle size (sub-2μm).

To support this, the ChroZen UHPLC mechanically minimizes
system dispersion by utilizing a low internal volume with a Total Reflection Cell and applying the Liquid Core Waveguide technology which all reduces the loss of light source to maintain the intensity in optical clarity. Also, the extremely fast data acquisition rate of 125 Hz, enables rapid data processing for an enhanced effect on peak heights and width. Therefore, it produces a higher resolution and sensitivity.


ChroZen UHPLC Pump
Hydraulic system Dual pistons in series pump with proprietary individual servo-controlled linear drive
technology, featuring truly automatic compressibility compensation
Flow range 0.001 ~ 2.000 mL/min(Max. 5ml/min)
Flow precision ≤ 0.075 % RSD or 0.005 min SD, whichever is greater
Flow accuracy ± 1% or ± 10 μL/min, whichever is greater
Maximum operating pressure 18,800 psi(1300 bar)
Solvent selection 2 solvents per pump module (A/B)
Delay volume 50 μL when using 35 μL mixer / Optional mixer: 100μL, 150μL
Integrated degassing unit Integrated 2-channel degasser, with 480 μL chambers
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ChroZen UHPLC UV/Vis Detector
Maximum data rate 125 Hz (single wavelength detection)
Noise <0.5 x 10-5 AU, at 254 nm (single wavelength detection)
Linearity >2.0 AU upper limit
Wavelength range 190 ~ 900 nm
Wavelength accuracy ±1 nm, self-calibration with deuterium lines, verification with holmium oxide filter
Wavelength precision <±0.1 nm
Flow cells Standard: 2.4 μL volume, 10 mm cell path length and 1,000 psi Pressure maximum
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ChroZen UHPLC PDA Detector
No. of PDA channel 1024
Wavelength range 190 ~ 950 nm
Noise < ± 0.7 x 10-5 AU (Empty cell, 2 sec Rinse time, 254 nm)
Flow cell Standard : 2.4 μL Volume, 10 mm cell path length and 1,000 psi pressure maximum

ChroZen UHPLC Autosampler
Injection range Partial loopfill: 0 ~ 10 μL / Full loop /μL pick-up: not applicable
Precision reproducibility (valid at 1.0 cP) RSD < 0.5% for partial loopfill injections, injection volumes > 5 μL at constant pressure
Pressure range 0 ~ 18,800 psi (0 ~ 1300 bar)
Sample capacity 96 x 2 mL vial (two trays default)
Carry over 0.05% with programmable needle wash
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ChroZen UHPLC Column Compartment
Temperature range 4 ~ 90℃ (Peltier cooling and heating)
Temperature stability 0.05℃
No. of columns Max. 3 ea of 15 cm columns
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